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Material Science Research

Research in geopolymers and other cementitious materials has been conducted at the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) since 2006. Team expertise in this field can be assessed by numerous publications including peer reviewed journals, articles in Underground Construction, patents, presentations in conferences, etc.

The research activities in this area include forensic materials evaluations of chemical grouts, polymers, metals and other materials used in buried infrastructure, characterization and determination of failure modes and damages due to corrosion and weathering. TTC’s laboratory has capabilities to perform optical metallography, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), quantitative microstructural analyses, scale and deposit analyses for corrosion evaluations, chemical composition analyses and alloy verification, and mechanical testing.

TTC’s materials science research is supported by partnership with the Institute for Micromanufacturing (IfM) at Louisiana Tech, which hosts some of the high technology equipment, such as that shown in the table and picture below.

No. Equipment Model No.
1 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Hitachi S-4800 Field Emission
2 X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) D8 Advance Bruker AXS
3 Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry (MIP) Auto Pore 9500, Micromeritics Inc
4 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Mattson Genesis II FTIR
5 Raman Spectroscopy R-3000HR Raman Systems
6 Atomic Force Microscope Agilent’s 5420
7 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Hitachi TEM
8 Potentiostat Solatron Potentiostat (Model No. 1287)
9 ED-X-Ray Florescence Spectroscopy ARL QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer
10 Particle size analyzer Microtrac s3500 lazer based equipment
11 Optical microscope and polisher Buhler
12 Rapid Freeze-thaw cabinet Humbolt, H 3185B
13 Rheometer/surface tension analyzer BASF/Master builder
14 High Temperature Oven Quincy lab- digital microprocessor
15 Multiple shear and gravity mixers [2-9ft3] Humbolt
16 400 kips servo control compression test machine Admit
17 Lab scale extruder for cementitious binder
18 Servo Control Actuator MTS 230,000 kip