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Trenchless Research & Development (R&D)TTC Municipal Forums TTC Industry Advisory Board (IAB)TTC Specialty SchoolsNASTT No-Dig Show 2018


The Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University is a cooperative research center for academia, government and industry. The Center's mission is to advance trenchless technology by serving as an independent source of knowledge, research and education in the field.

Trenchless technology includes a large family of methods used for installing and rehabilitating underground utility systems with minimal surface disruption and destruction resulting from excavation.

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TTC Events

  • 05/15/18

    TTC Municipal Forum

    Boston, MA

  • 05/17/18 

    TTC Municipal Forum

    Long Beach, CA

  • 05/24/18

    TTC Municipal Forum

    Baton Rouge, LA (CANCELLED)

  • 05/31/18

    TTC Municipal Forum

    Jacksonville, FL

  • 11/05/18

    CTAM Course Week


  • 11/12/18

    Auger Boring School Week


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