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About Trenchless Technology Center

The Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) was initiated as the Trenchless Excavation Center in 1989 and formally established as the Trenchless Technology Center in November 1991. It was created to promote research, development and technology transfer in the trenchless technology industry. The Center has been active in fulfilling its objectives. In addition to its research activities, a strong effort has been focused towards the education of engineers, contractors, government agencies and others about the availability and capability of trenchless methods for the solution of difficult underground infrastructure problems. The Center has also worked with various organizations in evaluating and developing new technologies for the industry.

Funding for the TTC comes from a variety of sources. In broad terms, Louisiana Tech University and industry base support each provide about 20 percent of the total funding for the center. Contract research for federal and state agencies and industry groups provides about 50 percent of the total funding. Other income such as from publications and seminars and from private donations total less than 10 percent of the funding. The university provides space for the center and provides the partial salary support for the Trenchless Technology Center Director and other key faculty necessary for the administration of the center. The university also provides support for graduate student research and other miscellaneous expenditures. Industry contributes financial support and expertise - principally through the center's Industry Advisory Board. Other organizations such as the Contractors' Educational Trust Fund of Louisiana also have an important support role through their support of the Construction Engineering Technology and Civil Engineering programs at Louisiana Tech University.

The strength of the Trenchless Technology Center derives from several factors.