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Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

Purpose, Responsibilities and Membership Categories

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is a body composed of industry leaders, contractors, associations, media, education and public works representatives. The IAB is a valuable resource for the Trenchless Technology Center in strategic planning and program development, while also providing the Center with industry perspectives. The IAB is engaged in identifying and prioritizing current and future needs of the trenchless technology industry, monitoring progress of specific projects, reviewing research results prior to dissemination, assisting in projects, assisting in transferring information to the public and promoting construction education and the interaction of students with the industry. The Trenchless Technology Center Sponsors is a subclass within the IAB with limited benefits and reduced membership cost.

The IAB meets three times annually. The big meeting is a two-day event in Ruston, Louisiana, in October. The other two meetings are organized in conjunction with the UCT and the NASTT No-Dig conferences. The IAB meetings are used to brief the members on issues at the Trenchless Technology Center, present ongoing or recently completed Trenchless Technology Center research, and discuss strategic priorities and work on projects.

The IAB members encourage organizations and individual donors to provide financial support to Trenchless Technology Center, and set an example through contributions in an amount in relation to the category of the member.

The IAB Membership categories and their corresponding annual contributions are:

  1. Industry ($10,000);
  2. Contractors ($10,000);
  3. Associations ($5,000);
  4. Media (in-kind);
  5. Education/Research ($5,000);
  6. Consultants ($2,000); and
  7. Public Works (in-kind).

The TTC Sponsorship annual contribution is the same for all categories ($2,000).

Benefits of IAB Membership

IAB members get the recognition of major commitment to supporting the advancement of trenchless technology. The IAB member company and the representative holding the seat in the Board are listed on the Trenchless Technology Center web site, in the Trenchless Technology Center newsletters, in the Trenchless Technology Center booth at trenchless technology conferences, etc.

Benefits of TTC Sponsorship

TTC sponsors get the recognition of supporting the advancement of trenchless technology.